Through the power of great design SunSide Studio aims to put smiles on faces and boost people’s confidence to reach their own business dreams.

We do this by:

  • Helping you find clarity + purpose within your own business - nailing down where you want to go and who you want to talk to

  • Guiding you through the process of working with a designer (I know it can be a little daunting) and building your own unique brand.

  • Creating fun yet professional brand design, oozing character and style so you can reach your dream customers, make a bang and be a success.

  • Inspiring you to strive for better design in your business - and if you’re not sure why, I’m damn well going to make sure you find out. It really can mean the difference between a rising star and a sorry flop that we’d all rather forget about.



Creative Director, Smile Raiser, Confidence Booster, Hand Holder, Problem Solver.

I’ve been raising smiles for most of my life. I can tell you that as almost every baby and childhood photo involves someone laughing at me (I wasn’t a fan of wearing clothes or following the rules). But business wise, SunSide Studio was formed in 2014 after 5 years cutting my teeth on some of the biggest brands you can think of and tiny start ups that needed all the support they could get. And you know who I preferred? The small guys and girls (but one day they’re going to be HUGE - some of them are half way there).

Design is my first passion, closely followed by giving people the confidence (and the occasional kick) to get their ideas out there - guiding them through the process of working with designers and how to launch their business. But it doesn’t stop there. You’re not dropped once you’ve got your logo, I work with you for months, years, maybe even decades on to keep your brand growing and on track. (You can see what my other customers that can’t get rid of me say here). I count some of my clients as my closest friends as our relationships have formed and there’s very little I wouldn’t do to make theirs - or your - business a success (Standing in the pouring rain for 3 days - tick! Blood, sweat and tears - tick, tick tick!).

I know I’ve done my job when after intensely working together your design work is unveiled - the smile on your face is evident enough, but the pride you take in your newly launched or rebranded business says it all. The confidence you have in your business does something weird - it radiates out of you so much that everyone wants your products. And thats when things really get fun - and your business a success.

Currently SunSide Studio is a one woman business, specialising in design, branding and web design. But luckily, having worked in such a close knit industry, I’ve built up a great network of trusted developers, copy writers, illustrators, photographers, social media experts… the list goes on. Whatever the scope of your work, I’m confident my collective can pull together to make things happen… scrap that, not just happen, but explode (in a good way).

So - are we a good match?

  • Do you put smiles on faces?

  • Have you had a good look through my portfolio (please get in touch for this and I'll send you a special pdf just for you!), and pinterest? And do you like what you see?

  • Are you willing to answer some tough questions and invest in your brand and future?

  • Do you want to stand out from your competitors, leading the pack rather than following like a lost sheep?

If the answers to those 4 little questions is yes, I think we could be a great match, but first let's meet - face to face or via skype/phone. It's really important that we click - our working relationship needs to be built on trust, respect and a similar sense of humour, without it I believe the final outcome suffers and there may be a more suited designer out there for you (I can point you in the direction of a few if so!).