Unless you’re a business owner you’ve probably finished work today. Wahey! Time for a gin. (Business owners who haven't finished work - you also need to hit the gin!)

The emergency Christmas present in Britain is always a bottle of booze - so if there’s anyone you’ve forgotten, nip down to the offee and all will be saved. 

Personally, I love a bottle of gin, and of course have a few favourites. My go-tos would usually be a nice, cucumbery Hendricks or a lovingly made Tarquins. The Tarquins packaging is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. The blue, flowing wax really grabs you, but what I love most is the attention to detail. With handwritten information about your particular bottle, which batch it came from and what the base flavour is - knowing that much love went in to making your gin makes it pretty special!

So, those were always my favourites, then back in September I filmed cocktail making for Hope & Fortune with ‘Dr Cocktail’ of the Kings Arms in Georgeham. Well - my gin repertoire was blown right open and I now have a few more favourite concoctions. Steve (aka Dr Cocktail) does a much better job than me for describing these beauties, so take 3 minutes to watch the expert and you’ll have a few new gin & tonics to try.

Print out the cocktail recipe that I designed after the filming and stick it on your fridge for the festive season. Gin not your thing? Hop on over to Hope & Fortune for a few more cocktail masterclasses!