Teeki UK  have been with me since day one and are one of my favourites to work with (don’t tell the others!).

2014 ended with a bang when we launched the new Teeki UK website - and its been doing its job fantastically over the past year. The girls spent the summer touring the UK festivals with their bright pink marquee, dancing their legs off all night long in their teekis and squeezing in some yoga shows to boot.

Teeki UK website designed by SunSide Studio

Teeki UK website designed by SunSide Studio

My studio uniform is pretty much teeki leggings year round and my collection is getting a little out of control. Perfect for a spot of yoga, lazing around the house or even a night out - they’re the comfiest and most colourful items in my wardrobe. And whats even better - they’re made from recycled plastic bottles. Its magic - ok, actually its science and a good bit of recycling.

A brilliant present for a yoga buff (trust me, they will have been coveting a pair of teeki leggings for a long time), fitness freak or someone that just likes to look good lying on the couch in ultimate comfort. I'll be packing a couple of pairs in my hand luggage for my flight to New Zealand as they're so comfy, light, small and dry in an instant - just in case the airline lose my luggage (after spending a day walking around Mexico in my partner's oversized clothes when this happened I'm now over cautious!).

Here’s a few of my favourite styles at the moment, but make sure you sign up to their newsletter so you’re the first to know when new styles hit the UK! 


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