croyde sea glass christmas gift guide

Picking up pieces of sea glass and wondering where they have come from has got to be an all time favourite for walks on the beach. It always has been for me, but even more so for Vikki Worthington of Croyde Sea Glass.

She’s been collecting sea glass her whole life - seeing it as her own personal treasure. It was this enchantment with the mermaids tears that saw Vikki turning pieces of sea glass into gorgeous jewellery. She also welcomes commissions if you have a piece of glass that is special to you.

Each piece is handmade and locally sourced from North Devon beaches. The sea glass, also known as mermaid’s tears, can be tumbled in the ocean for hundreds of years. It starts out as rubbish, a broken glass or bottle and ends up as beautiful beach treasure - before Vikki finds it and turns it into a ring or necklace! 

I've picked out my current favourite pieces from Croyde Sea Glass - but due to the completely unique nature of her jewellery you have to get in fast, because once its gone its gone!