the power penguins

You may have noticed over the last few days that conservation - especially of our seas - is close to my heart. It's so important to take action to clean up the planet now, as it’s already getting too late. I’ve been to beautiful, remote and even uninhabited islands and seen plastics washed up from all over the world.

That is terrifying. A plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to break down in the marine environment - and there are billions out there floating around the seas. The vast majority of marine animal species from plankton to killer whales have been found to ingest plastic - meaning not only that it kills them, but often works its what into our food chain. Plastic for Christmas dinner anyone?! The problem is bad and its getting worst. Since the first survey over 20 years ago (1994), plastic litter on UK beaches has increased by 180%!

So, after all these depressing statistics I’m rounding up the last few days of conservation gifts with The Power Penguins. A group of kids that have come together to write and record a song to support support Surfers Against Sewage ‘Seas for Life’ campaign.

Where the magic happened

They met at Somersault festival in the summer where London based artist, Milly Upton held a songwriting workshop with the children attendees of the festival who visited the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) tent. The workshop went down a storm, resulting in their song ‘commotion in the ocean’ about  Marine Litter being performed by the newly named The Power Penguins on the SAS stage before the main act on the Saturday evening.

They’ve since recorded and released the single with money raised going directly towards helping more schools and young people to get involved with the Big Spring Beach Clean - with your help they aim to raise £7500. This money will enable SAS to provide 50 schools across the UK with;

  • A Special Seas For Life education resources so they can learn about the problems that our oceans face.
  • Their own Big Spring Beach Cleaners equipment packs
  • Seas For Life stickers and certificates for every student who gets involved
  • A signed version of Commotion in the Ocean and a Power Penguins poster

So its a tiddler in terms of cost for you (just 79p) but will help raise money to do great things - and put some big smiles on the power penguins faces if the song becomes a hit. Do your bit and buy now - you can even gift it to someone via the iTunes store too. 

Learn more about what Surfers Against Sewage are doing to fight ocean litter here.
You can also learn more about cleaning up our oceans on my post about 2 minute beach clean - and find some pretty great gift Ideas there. Finally - for more gift ideas from a company that are doing good for the planet make sure you check out Knit Knot!