December has been manic. And November. And October. Yeah - its been a crazy year. 

Weeks go by and if I’m not careful I feel myself hunched over my desk, spine compacted, miserable - I basically turn into the hunchback of Notre Dame. Its a pretty site, but one I’m sure most of you are very aware of yourselves. I tried a few things - buying an expensive office chair, getting a stand up desk, fitting myself out with super supportive shoes for the stand up desk. Yeah they all helped a little, but they didn’t really get to the bottom of it all. Only movement can do that for you. And for me, its yoga that really sorts me out. And I’m lucky enough to count Tiffany from Croyde Yoga as a good friend (and client!). 

From the minute I walk in with the room lit by fairy lights and candles, aromatherapy oils wafting around me and friendly faces, I know I’ve made the right decision to finish work on time and get to a class. 

Her style of teaching is relaxed, welcoming and inclusive. She gives lots of options and builds up to an energetic practice with an amazing relaxation element too. She even wraps you up in a blanket and places an eye pillow over your face at the end of the class for some serious relaxation. Vinyasa Flow classes keep my core in check, build strength and flexibility - and more amazingly improve my terrible balance. It gives me an awareness of my body that I’ve not had before and I feel so much better for it. 

Rather unsurprisingly then, todays gift guide encourages you to give the gift of balance, strength, relaxation and time - because aren’t they the some of the most precious gifts that the three wise men would deliver today? Buy a block of 8 yoga classes for friends in North Devon and you would be giving them 8 hours of time for themselves, an amazing stretch, focus and relaxation. It's sure to be a winner.