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Bay Fitness has added 5 years to my life

Naturally I’m not the fittest person in the world and never have been. At school I was always the one lagging at the back or falling over my own hockey stick - regularly. But sitting at your desk is seriously bad for you - and as a designer I used to do a LOT of that. Apparently it can knock FIVE YEARS off your life. Five years - just because you sit at a desk all day just live everyone else. So when I moved back to Devon from Bristol 3 years ago I knew I needed to get my butt into gear and hit the gym. The problem is I don’t really like gyms and get completely bored. Then I met Andre Blake and thought he was a bit weird, so his bootcamps could be interesting. Three years down and I’m still hauling my bum along the beach, rain or shine. Thanks to Blakey I have completed a triathlon, can run (and have learnt to enjoy running with the help of Zombies Run!) and I exercise my stomach and cheek muscles to the point of pain through the laughing alone each week at his bootcamp sessions.

All of the bootcamps and all of the hunching over a desk can sometimes make me walk like a 90 year old woman. Luckily for me I have Bex of Bay Fitness on speed dial and slip in regular massage therapy sessions to keep me pain free and standing tall. I'm a sucker for a massage but can easily say that Bex's massages are the best I've ever had in my life (and I pride myself for having enjoyed massages all over the world as much as stamps in my passport). Her expert knowledge paired with her soothing soul leave me on cloud 9 after each session and my neck becomes as free as an owls. 

Beach Bootcamp in France with Bay Fitness

Beach Bootcamp in France with Bay Fitness

How can BayFitness get you out of a gift buying pickle? 

Give the gift of health! Gift vouchers for bootcamps, yoga, massage therapy and private personal training sessions are available at here. 

A very special gift for a very special person

In September I joined Andrew and Bex on their Reboot France retreat. One of the best weeks of my life, hands down. Sun, Sand, surf, yoga, gorgeous food, incredible people, massage, cycling… the list goes, but believe me, it was SO good. If someone gave me this as a gift, I'd love them forever and probably even clean their car every week for a year (thats saying something!). So if you're looking for a really special gift, check out Bay Fitness Reboot France for information about the trips and contact Andrew to find out about 2016. 

I work with Bay Fitness to produce all of their print collateral and digital brochures. If you're interested in similar work for your business please get in touch via my contact page.