tom pigeon christmas gift guide

My name’s Jennie Lewis and I’m a design geek. It comes with the territory of being a designer. It sees me buying boxes of cereal or bars of soap based on the packaging alone - even if it tastes like cardboard! I’ll hold my hands up to the fact this sometimes makes me a little tricky to buy for. Now though I just send out the Tom Pigeon link and know I’ll be happy whatever the outcome (no i’m not that nightmare friend that takes things back - I just love some gifts more than others!).

Picking my 3 favourite pieces from Tom Pigeon has possibly been the hardest task yet with this years Gift Guide.

I’ve been swooning over their store since they launched, and the only thing thats held me back from ordering every damn print so far is the promise of a new home and uncertainty about wall space. The walls are finished, but now I’m paralysed by choice because I love them all. My wishlist seriously is everything in their store and I definitely don’t have enough walls for that!

Aesthetically their prints are clean, gorgeous tonal colours with hints of metallic foils. Pretty much everything I ever look for in a design. They design simple things for people to enjoy including prints, jewellery and stationery - designing the kinds of things they would like to own and live with. I want to live with them. Imagine a home that beautiful! Imagine getting up in the morning to a home that beautiful, gorgeous jewellery to choose from that makes you look effortlessly cool and stationery to take you on your happy way, all organised throughout the day. Thats the dream right there folks.

So, how did I get on? As usual I’ve tried to give you different price points for different people in your life. But really - if anybody buys me anything from Tom Pigeon I will love them forever and forever. And thats a promise.

If you have products similar to and as utterly gorgeous as Tom Pigeon's I want to work with you - branding, web design, packaging or brand collateral - it can all help take your business to the next level. Get in touch