copper + solder homewares gift guide

Is anybody else sick to the back teeth of marble yet?

2015 has certainly been the year of gold, slabs of marble and pineapples (actually I think pineapple has been the fruit of the century). I’m ready for fresh imagery and new textures to fill my instagram and pinterest feeds - and I think I may have found the company for it.

Stand up Copper + Solder.

Gorgeous, warm metallics and industrial concrete textures - I’m in love. I stumbled across Copper & Solder on Instagram this year and have been crushing on them ever since. They create unique homeware pieces that have an industrial, robust feel, perfect for modern, casual living spaces. The hand crafted pieces are made in Staffordshire by founder Katie who takes extra care sourcing quality copper fittings and pieces to ensure the product is at its very best!

And you want to know the real Christmas bonus? They’re running a sale on their folksy store - use the promo code ‘iwantcopper’ to claim your discount and get your hands on some gorgeous homewares… Though this is a gift guide, so maybe you should give them to someone special.