healthy cookbooks

I LOVE to cook. I love to eat. I don’t like the side effects of overeating (you know, the one that makes santa get stuck down the chimney). Luckily 2015 has seen the rise of the healthy cookbooks… and the spiralizer. I’ve got a bit of a cook book addiction actually - I’d like to say its my version of shoe shopping, but I’ve got box upon box of those too. You can pretty much guarantee that a good cookbook will be beautifully designed and leave me brimming with inspiration - both in and out of the kitchen.

So, as people are starting to think about New Years Resolutions (or not in my case!) I thought a few beautifully designed cookbooks with gorgeous recipes would go down well. I own each one of these and have cooked plenty from each - and hands down they’ve been a success every time!

First up we have Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite - a refreshing look at health food she believes that both your body and soul need to be nourished. She’s separated her food into textures rather than your run of the mill ‘fish’ + ‘poultry’. Instead have a browse through ‘slurp’, ‘crunch’ or ‘savour’ - a much better way to help you decide what you feel like eating and cooking. The smoked mackerel + cauliflower rice kedgeree and meatballs both come with a huge thumbs up.

Secondly its good old Jamie Oliver. The caped crusader of getting the nation eating healthier. He went on a real fact finding mission to bring us ‘Everyday Superfood’, getting himself along to nutrition school and travelling the world to meet the healthiest, longest living people. As expected, Everyday Superfood is incredibly accessible, no matter what your cooking skill of understanding of health foods is. A great buy for people tipping their toe into a healthier diet with delicious meals that keep you full and are quick to make. So far my favourite dishes have been the tasty fish tacos and chicken & squash cacciatore. 

Finally, its the gorgeous sister duo Hemsley + Hemsley. These two are often credited for sparking the nation’s love of the spiralizer (it turns your veg into noodles if you’re not in the no - and its pretty snazzy!). Starting with the book design of 'The Art of Eating Well' - any food writers that are brave enough to go with an all white cover are pretty rad in my eyes. The cover alone oozes the freshness and simplicity that their dishes are renowned for. As a brand they’ve got their shit together, across social media, their products and of course website. I’m crushing on this brand big time (and incredibly envious of their designers!). Food wise, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their dishes. Current faves consist of ‘beef rage & courgette’ and ‘Lemon Poppyseed muffins’.