Rise & shine Living Christmas Gifts

Working with Rise & Shine Living

For a while Sue of Rise & Shine Living had been saying to me that she wanted help with her business branding and website - and finally this year, it happened! From naming to logo design, stationery and web design, this year Sue’s business has really had a face lift. 

We decided upon the name Rise & Shine Living as Sue does the majority of her trade at local markets - getting up at the crack of dawn and yet somehow still finding the ability to have a laugh with passers by and catching up with friends. Her personality shone through when we first started talking business - and the name just fell in to place for me. 

Sue carefully picks all her products, making sure they are top quality and something she’d use in her own home. It all goes through the testing stage first before it can step foot on her stalls! I really liked this attention to detail and passion she had for hunting out new lines that her customers would love and so I wanted to make a website that would do it all justice. 

Web design for Rise + Shine Living

Web design for Rise + Shine Living

My pick of Christmas Gifts from Rise & Shine Living

When building clients websites I love having a good nose through everything they’ve got on sale and with the build so fresh in my mind it was easy for me to pick out todays recommended gifts for you.

One for the kids (which I really want in my bathroom) is the boat toothbrush holders. How could these not put a smile on your face on a gloomy winters morning? I love the design of the Neom candles with their dribble of gold and the Cable and Cotton fairy lights could well be the key to my minimal christmas decorating this year seen as I won’t be around to enjoy it! 

Want a logo & website that is as fresh and uplifting as Rise & Shine Living? Get in touch via my contact page and lets work together in 2016!