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I used to be clueless about baby gifts

Over the past few years I’ve found myself sticking my head in Mothercare more and more as babies multiply around me and it’s always an overwhelming experience for a child-free person! Knowing what to buy a mum to be or a newborn is always a tricky one - not wanting to fill the house with useless clutter and having no real idea what is useful at this time I used to revert to getting out the knitting needles and hoping a wonky hat would do the trick.

Now I give the gift of sleep!

Then I started working with Sleepytot and all my newborn dilemmas wained. Sleepytot bunnies are unbelievable soft (I may have rubbed the samples on my face more times that I care to admit because they are so damn soft). They also hold on tight to dummies and cots to make sure things don’t go missing in the middle of the night - helping the little one to find comfort in the dark and stay asleep. Now from the outside it looks like anything that will help with a little extra sleep has got to be a winner for new parents! 

Sleepytot have recently released a lamb, which I’m pretty partial too as well - Welsh babies basically have no choice in the matter, they’re all getting one of these bad boys from now on!

If you have a clever product that could change lives and put smiles on faces - get in touch, you're exactly the kind of person I love to work with!